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Garage Door Cables Repair

You most likely know that the cables are some of the most important overhead door parts. But did you know that they can cause safety problems if they snap? Keep the number of our company handy and call us when you need garage door cables repair in Mansfield, Texas. We provide same day cables repair and will replace these parts in a jiffy. Our pros are experienced and will come out prepared to do any job required. Give us a call here at Garage Door Repair Mansfield TX and let us take care of your cable trouble today.

Garage Door Cables Repair Mansfield

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Garage door cables and springs work together to lift and lower the door. Whether you have torsion or extension springs, they will transfer their tension to the cables. Then, the cables will wrap around their drum to lift the door and will unwind when the door is closing down. The cables carry the heavy load of the door. So they must be strong and sufficiently tensed. If not, they will come off their drum or track. In such cases, call us to do the required garage door cables repair.

We replace broken cables in a jiffy

We provide same day cable service in Mansfield. No matter which spring you own, our techs can fix the cables. With doors operating on torsion springs, cables connect to the spring directly via their drum which is attached to the shaft. But with extension springs, cables utilize a pulley system and are also attached on the bracket of the vertical tracks. So, cable problems might include:

  • Broken pulleys
  • Damaged brackets
  • Misaligned tracks
  • Cables off track
  • Cable off the drum
  • Snapped cable
  • Broken spring

Let us fix everything. Is the cable broken? We provide same day garage door cables replacement. But we can replace and fix any other part, which will have an impact on the good condition and performance of cables. Call us today.

Our techs are experts in garage door cables installation

We are experts in the installation of cables. In most cases, only one cable breaks. And so once we set the new cable, we also check the other one too. That’s part of installing garage door cables properly and making sure the door performs well.

Rely on us to do any garage door cables repair Mansfield service right and promptly. Call us today for any cable trouble.


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